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As a young teenager growing up in the 21st century, social media has basically taken over all of our lives near and around us. Many view it as a good thing, many view it as a bad thing. Although everyone is always going to have opposing views, I am sure most people would agree that social media is great for marketing. I will be attending San Diego State University as a Freshman this Fall with the intended major of Business Administration, emphasis on Marketing, so I am very excited to be learning more about what way I or other businesses can market their brands, services, ideas, etc. more on social media. At this point in my life, here is what I do know about marketing on social media.

About six months ago I finally got the opportunity to go into the music studio for the first time. As a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a famous singer. Being on stage is where I was born to be. That first session only brought me closer to my big dreams. Ever since that first studio session I have created one cover for the song “She Don’t” by Ella Mai, created my first song, featured on about 3 songs, then wrote and created an entire EP as well as in the process of making new music right now. I wouldn’t have been able to do this entire music process without the help of social media! I can’t even begin to describe how well I can market myself using Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. People wouldn’t even know about my music if there was no social media. Every single time I have a new song out or music video I post it on all three accounts and that is what gets me all my viewers and listeners. Also i use to Buy Real Active Instagram Followers to increase my viewers and listeners. Not only do I post but when people are kind enough to share my posts I get even more people to elaborate on my creative process. The more it’s everywhere and out on social media, the more people see and listen to my music. The more people see your name, brand, etc., the more memorable you and/or the product is. So I praise social media to help contribute to my dreams. If it wasn’t for social media I wouldn’t have followers interested in what I have to write or sing about. Not only that, but ever since I have been posting about music I have met so many people in the music industry contacting me for collaborating in their ideas whether it be new videographers, graphic designers, producers, or other artists who are interested in features. Social Media brings many new ideas, people and visuals to the table and I am so grateful  to be able to use this excellent marketing vehicle as a marketing and promotion tool.

Not only is it good for just me, but I always see and witness it working out great for other businesses. I know that many businesses such as clothing stores for instance use Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat to promote their brand for others to see and to reach their target market. I understand this because I have been on both sides, the giving end and the receiving end. The giving end is where I market myself, the receiving end is watching what others are marketing. I also know that the receiving end works too. For example, I cannot tell you how much online shopping I have done just from finding Instagram accounts with cute clothes. Since they market their clothes so well, they get customers like me who buy their clothes online. For example, this boutique in Los Angeles called Sorella Boutique is famously known due to the fact that many celebrities buy clothes from them. That caught my attention because celebrities would always tag their page hence giving the store marketing credit and more followers as well as customers. I liked the store so much just from seeing their Instagram that my friends and I drove two hours to go shop there. Not only did we shop there but since the girls working there snapchatted my friends and I in their clothing, we even added them on snapchat. So everyday I get to see all their new merchandise being shown all over snapchat, which makes me want to come to their store even more. So as a person being on the receiving end of social media marketing I can tell you it definitely works.

I know Millennials are known for the crazy amount of time we spend on our phones due to social media, but before people judge I think it is great for others to see the good side to it, which is the marketing and exposure it brings. Many businesses thrive on social media networking, not even just in the United States but worldwide. As much as no one wants to admit it, social media brings us all together. Instead of bashing it, it should honestly be respected and accepted. The amount of awareness social media brings is irreplaceable. For example, when the tragic terrorist attacks started happening all over Europe, people, celebrities, stores all took to instagram to help everyone become aware and voice what they had to say. That brings up another upside to social media, it gives people a voice. People can be heard sometimes even better online than in person and that to me this is incredible. Social media is one of the most incredible inventions out there and I cannot believe how many people it helps in the process. Life wouldn’t be the same without, it will only keep growing and getting more powerful and I cannot wait to see the more ideas it will bring in the future. I’m sure there will be even more ways to market online, which is so exciting to think about and look forward to!