King Mohamed VI initiated the works of reconstruction and the establishment and maintaining of the high value for the park of the Velodrome of Anfa in Casablanca on March 30, 2017.The scope of the redevelopment, which is expected to be completed within 18 months, will consist of the construction of an urban park, a small lake, a skate park, green areas, commercial properties and other recreational zones.

This redevelopment tends to give a new life to the historic site which was built in 1922 and listed as a national heritage. According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the city of Casablanca have old gems that still stand and live up to the test of time. Many places in Casablanca show the rich culture and heritage from the past. The structures should be refurbished in order to preserve their essence to manifest the past times of the city. In this manner, Casablanca can attract more visitors and improve the tourism industry of the Kingdom.

The project will mobilize an investment worth MAD 15 million and is part of a global strategy to maintain and improve the cultural, concrete, impalpable characteristics, and natural heritage of the city of Casablanca.It covers an overall area of 2.1 hectares and will consist of the establishment of an urban park, which includes sports and leisure areas, a small lake, hiking and jogging circuits, a playground dedicated to the children, a skatepark, green areas, restaurants, and cafes. This sports and leisure park will be a favorable place for meeting, excitement, and entertainment for a broad public. It can also host cultural and festive events.

This project will be carried out under the agenda of an agreement between the regional council, the municipality of Casablanca, the wilayah of the Casablanca-Settat region, the Ministry of the Interior and Youth and Sport, and the Casablanca Heritage company.

On the other hand, a new local sports field was also inaugurated by King Mohammed VI in the Al Hanaa district (Hay Mohammadi).This project, carried out as part of the National Initiative for Human Development (NHRI), will include the construction of a synthetic grass football field.

It is part of a global program for the development of 23 local sports fields in various districts of the Roches noires districts of Ain Sebaâ and Hay Mohammadi, for a total investment of MAD27.4 million.This program provides for the construction of vicinity grounds which will involve one plot in each area of El Fouarrate, Amane II, Roches noires, El Machrouaa, Al, Achabab, Dar Lamane, El Manzeh, Fal Al Hanaa and Ibn Al Banae Al Mourakouchi. It will also include the two lots for both Espace Jaouhara, Espace El Khalil, and Foum El Hasn. Three lots will be improved in Belle Vue; and four lots in Dakhla.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, the athletes and the youth will greatly benefit from the enhanced sports facilities in the given different areas. Since human development is part of the responsibilities of the government, this development will aid in the accomplishment of the program’s goal.