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Social media is a collection of different communication channels. Everyone uses it to interact with their friends and family. With the widespread use of the internet, the trend of using social media has also been increased. Every age group people are using social media.

Here are some reasons why people use social media:

The curiosity of what friends are doing:

Many people use social media site such as Facebook to see what their friends and family are uploading and sharing. If another country, what they are doing there. Simply by signing up on Facebook, you can see all about your friends and family who add with yours. You can easily see what someone is posting and tweeting, and you can catch a glimpse into their world. By these social media sites, you can remain touch with the others.

Fun through social media:

One of the reasons that people use social media is for fun. Some people when feeling bored, used to see viral videos on YouTube. Many people use Twitter for tweeting other, and Instagram filters your pictures beautifully. Many people now also buy Instagram followers for their account from this website

Learning through the social media:

Social media help people to learn many things. It keeps them informed about everything. The YouTube videos can help you by showing how to use multimedia, or Google gives you information about everything you want. The social media can teach you everything such as photography, tips how to learn guitar and to solve maths problems.

Doing some experiments:

Many people on a Facebook experiment by posting and publishing images that image A works or image B works. Some people enjoy just by posting and see what happens. Instagram give you a chance to post series of pictures and share life with others. A new trend has been entered to buy real Instagram followers.

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The way of communication:

Social media has become a way of communication. Some want a short chat, some want long video chat, everything you can do only social media. Facebook video chat, Skype and some other enable you to talk for a long time.

A way of making money:

Through social media, you can earn money in many different ways. Online earning has become a trend nowadays. You can earn enough money to fulfill your needs.

Business and social media:

Social media is helping business a lot. It has become a good way for the businesses to advertise there products and services. Now many businesses even buy Instagram followers for there accounts that help them a lot in advertising.

A way of expressing yourself:

Social media has become a way of expressing yourself. You can update status about anything you are doing. Such as playing the game, going to restaurants or meeting someone.

These are the reasons why people use social media more. The Internet is used by everyone nowadays. Children used to play online games, businesses use for advertisement, the mother usually uses to watch recipes and beauty tips.

Businesses are using Instagram as a medium of advertisement and buy Instagram followers as well.